We’re pumped to announce we will now be working with Perth’s YOMI SHIP.

Josh had a bit of a getting to know you sesh with the guys to help break the ice of our new relationship.

The Osborne boys are obviously related. Jade, how did you meet the Nick & Jarred?

Jade: Nick and Jarred’s dad Mal was helping out at my school one day and was keen to help me find a band. He introduced me to the guys at their final show with their previous band and a couple of months later they contacted me as they were looking for a bass player for their new project.

It can be considered brave to play instrumental music for contemporary audiences, so where did the concept of instrumental experimental rock come from?

Nick: All 3 of us have played in “safe” bands before, where it’s not necessarily challenging to play or listen to (which is totally fine). When Jarred and I finished up our previous band, we were both starting to expand our musical palette, both playing and listening wise. Bands like “The Mars Volta”, “Mr. Bungle” and local outfit “Mudlark” helped set the pace for what I personally wanted to achieve. I wanted to do things backward and have people trying to figure out what Yomi Ship was about. As far as being instrumental, we hate vocalists (joking) XD

Nick & Jarred’s dad, Mal, has been working with musical youths for many years, and booked me for my first ever gig in 2002. How influential has he been on your music careers?

Jarred: He has been a big influence in the birth of Yomi Ship and our entire musical careers. He was the one that connected Jade with us, so without him there would potentially be no Yomi Ship! He has always helped us by getting us in contact with notable people in the industry and contributing to our promo. He used to play in a band called B Movie Heroes who were a 7 piece psychedelic rock band so that definitely helped spark our interest in psychedelic music.

Who are you favourite Perth bands right now?

Jarred: Gazey are a really good band to watch and do pop a little bit differently. Foam are great as well, they’ve taken a more prog approach since their early beginnings which reminds me a lot of Slint and Shellac.
Jade: I’d have to say Moana, they incorporate some really mysterious and catchy elements into their songs and put on a great live show
Nick: Personally I like watching any band with a solid drummer aha. Bands that come to mind would be King Kodo, Gazey and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving- w/ex drummer Ben. I haven’t seen new ttol lineup yet!

You’ve already supported Karnivool, with COG coming up in July, but what is your absolute dream support slot?

Jarred: Supporting Mastodon would be really cool because they influence a lot of my guitar playing and it would be cool to meet them someday.
Jade: It had always been my dream to support Karnivool since starting with Yomi Ship, but if I was to pick another band then it would have to be either Warpaint or Tool.
Nick: Man that’s easy if both bands were still active and in their prime. The Mars Volta or Mr. Bungle.

The three of you are suddenly transported to Hogwarts. Which of you is Harry, Ron and Hermione and why?

Nick: I’m Harry, Jarred is Ron and Jade is Hermione of course! They end up getting together and I’m just here being the boy who lived.

Let’s pretend you’re astronauts for a second… which of you is the captain, who is the navigator and who is just winging it?

Nick: A lot of people look to me as the Captain and while it’s true I in a sense lead the band, all of my Leadership skills are based around improvisation and winging it aha. I would say Jade has it the most together out of us so she holds the Captaincy, Jarred is generally good with directions as navigator and I’m winging it.

Ozzy Osborne, Bon Scott or Bruce Dickinson?

Jarred: Ozzy Osbourne
Jade: Ozzy Osbourne
Nick: Ozzy’s the king, but I listened to A LOT of maiden so Bruce for me

Outside of music, what do each of you do for fun?

Jarred: I like to play a bit of Forza and Skyrim
Jade: A lot of my time is taken up by uni so when I’m not there I enjoy just chilling out and playing with my cats lol
Nick: Dota 2, Skyrim and Borderlands are my most played games, otherwise hanging with my girlfriend or any general dog

What is coming up for the rest of 2019 for Yomi Ship?

Nick: Lot’s. We just finished recording some new material with Andy Lawson so that should hopefully be ready for around July/August. We have shows booked pretty much through all the next few months with the big one’s being the COG support and our own launch afterwards. We’re also in the middle of applying for a grant for some more super special fun times towards the end of the year…