Yomi Ship harbor all the most interesting of the descriptives that come after the musical catch-all that is ‘rock’.

Drawing influences from Experimental rock giants The Mars Volta, as well as the sounds of psychedelic space rock from early Pink Floyd, Yomi Ship present a new form of experimental art rock filled with unorthodox structures and rhythms, anchoring bass and reverb drenched guitar.

“One can hear influences of prog rock, post rock, psychedelic rock, art rock and even jazz all playing off each other, sometimes all in the course of a single tune…this scattergun approach to music making may be a nightmarish proposition in the hands of lesser bands, Yomi Ship have the advanced musicianship to make it sound like the most natural thing in the world.” X-Press magazine

Formed in September 2016, the young trio’s average age was just 17 with bassist Jade still only 15yrs old, but that didn’t prevent them from almost immediately getting out and playing live. Improvising and conjuring new material on stage like they had been together for years. Such was the chemistry between the talented trio.

Yomi Ship has created their own particular brand using old silent-movie visuals, fragrant scents, and near dream state soundscapes in a live atmospheric experience that activates all the pleasurable senses. Something that can’t be experienced….
unless you are there with them.